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Cable Style Banner Stands


Cable Style Banner Stands provide elegant, durable, and affordable ways to display banners and signage. Cable banner stands are the solution for your presentation. Use it as a versatile exhibition solution, as your showroom decoration, to make an event more successful, for your P-O-S presentation, or any other presentation or promotional activity you decide to do!



This is the only cable style banner stand available in the United States that uses Lambda process laminated photo prints. (5mil on the front and 3mil on the back).  Laminated photo prints give the sharpest images (photo quality), highest resolution, and best color reproduction for banner graphics. 
Lambda process is applied to photosensitive paper with a texture/matte finish and then laminated with 5 mil in the front and 3mil in the back. Lambda printing, with its merged three lasers, gives true continuous tone, ultra sharp photographic images with crisp and precise edge to edge printing and absolutely no distortion.



Cable Style Banner Stands are very versatile and easy to use.
Many other Graphic materials are available:
Vinyl, Full Color Fabric, Inkjet Laminated, Graphics mounted to foam core, etc. Call us for a quote – 1-877-268-7469


The Classic Connect and the Cable Banner Stands use the same base. The Classic Connect and the Cable Banner Stands can be placed on the wall or hanged from the roof. (Extra hardware is required) Classic Connect and the Cable banner stands can be used with other accessories such as brochure shelves to display literature.
Create murals with as many units of banners as you want. Custom sizes and custom graphic materials available – Call for a quote – 1-877-268-7469

Constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum, the lightweight and durable Classic Connect Banner is the solution for your large format graphic display needs.

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Cable banner stands are a flexible and lightweight. The elegant and durable Cable banner stand allows the use of a variety of  graphic mediums.

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Space banner stand features a distinctive look.  The base is made from machined aluminum giving it a modern look.

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Space with shelves features a distinctive look that will set your display apart from the rest.

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Cable banners are a flexible and lightweight way to display your graphics and brochures.

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Easily expandable modular system with an ultralight weight carbon fiber frame for brochures.

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This brochure rack stands above other literature stands. It sets up in a few minutes, is lightweight, easy to transport.

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