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A Variety Of Banner Stands

Camelback Displays offers many types of banner stands that serve different purposes. 
In general, banner stands are portable advertising-messaging systems that can be set up anywhere there is room to place them.  This can be near products in a store, at entrances, outside in front of a restaurant, at sporting events or wherever else you can imagine using them to brand, attract attention & give information.


Retractables set up in seconds.  They work very much like a retractable movie screen.  A base that sits on the floor holds a banner under tension that is simply pulled out and attached to a support rod. It is great for fast set up and easy tear down and your banner is protected in transit by the base!

“L” Style Banner Stands

Also known as “Rod Tension Banner Stands”, they use a back rod, usually made of carbon fiber to apply tension that makes the banner very taut.    Some versions use an adjustable rod to allow different sized banners.

The design is very simple.  The banner has a top and bottom “profile” that the ends of the banner attach to.  A support “foot” holds the carbon fiber rod and banner at the bottom.  The top of the banner attaches to the top of the rod.

One advantage of the L Banner Stands is pricing.  Usually, these stands are prices lower than retractables and offer uncomplicated, easy set up.

These stands are similar to the rod tension version, but use an “X” shaped rod design to pull all four corners of a banner taut.  An advantage of this style is that you don’t have to worry about top and bottom profiles coming loose because there are grommet holes used for attachment.
Single or Double Sided versions are available.

Classic Banner Stands

Classic stands are used everywhere.  They are the first design used in free standing banner stands and are standard issue in many department stores and other retail outlets. They are also very versatile, because they can be adjustable vertically, single or double sided, cantilevered or centered with several banner attachment methods.  They are great for permanent use at a single location.

Actually, most banner stand hardware is already green because aluminum (the main component) is recyclable.  We offer other products, such as bamboo banner stands and banners made of recycled components that are also green.

Custom Shaped Banner Stands

Why be stuck with the usual rectangle shape?  Camelback offers dye-cutting to cut out the shapes of objects, products and people. This will give your banner stand a three dimensional look.  Our customers tell us that their presentation comes to life with custom shapes. These banners offer the cutting edge for creativity and liveliness in your next display.

We offer various shapes, sizes and designs for outdoor banner stands.  Some of our basic units are similar to some discussed above, but also offer a weighted down base (sand or water) with reinforced parts to use outside.  Other outdoor models will rotate around in the wind or stake into the ground at a location (flying flag banners).

Adjustable / Telescoping Banner Stands

Our main adjustable stands can be made wider or higher, depending on the size of your banner.  Banners attach using pole pockets that fit over top & bottom cross pieces.  This style is great for large banners in one piece. Telescoping / adjustable banner stands work great for booth backdrops and large one canvas graphics.

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