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We offer a variety of Backlit Displays system to let your exhibit booth stand out in a crowd. These systems not only draw attention but they add extra life to almost any
display out there. There’s no better sure-fire way to attract potential clients at a show than to make your display seem alive.

Give your guests a fantastic first impression with any of our backlit displays systems; many of which can be mounted on displays you already have!

Bring on the Drama! | 10 Ways to Light Up Your Display Booth


Introducing the latest innovation in Backlit Displays.. The Brightline Light Box displays line offers a stunning array of captivating modular back lit display solutions for different sized booth and display areas.

Attractive design & innovation!

SEGO is designed to enhance your booth display experience. Everything you would need to highlight your brand at any event, trade show or exhibit!

  • Commanding & impactful illuminated display
  • Easy to store and ship
  • Lights attach and stay taught on frame with bungee cords
  • Lifetime hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

Enhance your exhibit with Formulate Backlit Kits!

We offer (4) different sizes of Formulate Backlit Kits featuring custom dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase graphic, aluminum tube frame and, a LED light curtain. Quick setup and easy to store!

  • 100mm silver extrusion frame
  • LED lighting top and bottom
  • Single or double-sided dye-sublimated fabric graphics
  • Includes shipping case
  • Easy assembly
  • Lifetime hardware warranty

Vector Frame™ modular fabric light boxes add illuminated, easy-to-read messaging to retail, trade show and event environments.

Ignite your graphics with our Igniter backlit LED series of displays!

By illuminating the fabric graphic with LED lights on the inside, attention is increased exponentially on the outside! 

Create a stunning light show

with our freestanding Igniter light box package. Includes LED lighting to back light your graphics, SEG graphic for the front, white backer for the back of your display, and powder coated frames.

The Power of Light Exhibit: The Panoramic LIGHTBOOTH!

A person enters into the backlit panoramic space and they are taken where you want them to go! No more frames or boxed in edges. The Panoramic Lightbooth is all you need!

The New WaveLight Backlit Displays are one of the thinnest tension fabric light boxes to hit the exhibit market. The fabric graphic snuggly zips around the frame and lights, which provide tension for a smooth finish.

The first ever continuous Edge-lit SEG Modular Light Box Stands. Using a new patent pending Edge-lit SEG the borderless Infinity graphic creates a true frameless appearance.

One-Choice 3-Pack Lightbox allows you to add more to your backlit display to create a stylish backdrop.

Illuminate the possibilities at your next event with this backlit retractor.

Breathe new light into your brand! This new SEG tension fabric light boxes features a 360º illumination to provide more vibrant graphics and more visibility.

The backlit Charisma Cubes and Towers are a great way to add full coverage visibility from any angle.

Charisma SEG Light Boxes are the perfect addition to promote your brand. Double Sided SEG fabric graphics & aluminum frame with LED lights.

Charisma SEG Light Boxes are perfect designed to enhanced your graphics. Featuring SEG fabric graphics and an aluminum frame with LED lights.

Display eye-catching messages like menu items, daily specials, drink options, restaurants favorite dishes, event information, floral arrangement, etc…


The Illumistand is a light-up, double sided retractable banner stand that makes graphics glow! With the Illumistand, you get the look of a light box with the easy set-up and convenience of a rollup banner.

The LED lights on the Illumistand are fixed inside of the silver base and shine upwards to illuminate both graphics.  The kit comes with a heavy-duty, durable base with molded gray end caps, two graphics, a bungee pole, graphic slider, and premium padded carry bag.



37″W x 84″H x 7″D


37″W x 84″H x 7″D


31.5″W x 78″H

Take tension fabric back wall exhibits to the next level with programmable animations that couple with static tension fabric graphics to bring new life to your display. Start with a static graphic and add programing to form highlights and animation that dance across the image and attract attention with color, motion and light.


Lumiere Light Wall Backlit Displays
Illuminate your message with the Lumiere Light Wall!

Collapsible, sleek, portable display that combines style with minimal effort!

Illuminating your display space.

Convenience, functionality and good looks make VBurst the smart choice for event media backdrops and trade shows

Our LED HopUp kits combine our best-selling HopUp displays with an eye-catching lighting system.

Camelback exclusively brings you the strongest pop up system in the market with its features and benefits convine with bubble graphic panels and LED lights so you can shine here and there, and everywhere


3ft big sky triangle tower smallMaximize your next Trade Show Exhibits message successfully with Backlit Towers that attract attention and elevate your brand in a crowded trade show environment.

SEG Fabric Displays – a high-resolution dye-sublimated fabric graphic finished with a thin silicone strip sewn into the edges of the graphic that allow fabric prints to be displayed on walls, hanging from a ceiling, or free-standing.

Bring your graphics to life with the Big Sky Displays that uses SEG fabric graphics to ensure your message is vibrant and clear.
Learn More.


Big Sky Towers make the perfect accent piece to any display arrangement.  Featuring aluminum frames with Silicone-Edge Graphics for a modern look.


Big Sky Tower Displays are designed specially to stand out from the crowd. Featuring aluminum frames with Silicone-Edge Graphics for a modern look.


Big Sky Tower Displays are designed specially to stand out from the crowd. Featuring aluminum frames with Silicone-Edge Graphics for a modern look.

Formulate Backlit Tower comes in (3) different sizes. Featuring custom dye-sublimated zipper pillowcase fabrics, aluminum tube frame and internal LED lighting components!

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Our LED Fab boxes feature a back-lit fabric that tucks into the edges of the frame for a tight and clean look. The lights are behind a diffusion panel that distributes the light on the whole area. The aluminum casing is heavy duty and is equipped for wall mount display.

Our Charisma SEG/LED lightbox features an aluminum frame that was designed to make the difference, change the stand height without changing the fabric graphics! Different sizes available. 

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