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Author: Patchgut


The Versatile Director’s Chair

The Director’s chair has been around for ages.  The simple side by side fold and scissor hardware design with a simple canvas seat and back has origins as far back as the 15th century!  Case in point, these guys from Civil War times taking a…


Where Is My Logo?

Need to order something with your logo printed on it but don’t have a clue where to find it, let alone in the right format?  You are not alone! We have thousands of clients who sometimes have a hard time locating their company logo.  There…


Display Products for Churches

A Great Display is Worth a Thousand Words Imagine a pair of displays at a church community event, side by side. The first has tables at normal height, too low for most people standing. Distractions from patterned tablecloths someone thought eye-catching, boxes under the tables…