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Presenting the strongest wind resistant canopy on the market!

We are proud to introduce the first tent worldwide that includes assisted elevation system using gas spring,
making the V2 exceptionally efficient and available for everyone’s use. It has never been so easy to erect
a party tent up to 250 sq ft. With Vitabri, you benefit from the union between the quality / security of
your Frame Tent and the simplicity / efficiency of Pop Up Canopies. Our brand new V2 can be set up in
30 seconds without piecing together any loose parts; no need to remove the roof.
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The V2 Canopy:

A veritable revolution in the world of quick set-up canopies, this new range was created for special events and local community professionals. Like all VITABRI models, this canopy guarantees optimal safety thanks to its highly resistant design that can sustain severe weather and to the treated, M2 fire resistant PVC panels. The V2 Canopy lets you stand out in the crowd and gives your event the ambiance it deserves:

  • Removable caster for a greater ease of transport
  • Gas cylinders guarantee efficient and safe setup and break down
  • Up to 25 m2 - 5 m x 5 m (82 sq. ft. – 9.1 ft. x 9.1 ft.
Available in 10 x 10, 13 x 13, 10 x 15 and 16 x 16
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As strong as a Frame Tent… As Easy as a Pop Up Tent

Thanks to important technological improvements, the V2 canopy provides surface coverage up to 250 sq ft in less than 30 seconds with no specific tool. Without removing the roof, only two people are needed to set it up in less than a minute.

Customize the look of your tent

The Vitabri V2 Canopy offers several customization options including several style of printing: Digital Printing, Dye sublimation, Slik screening and Transfer printing.
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Actual colors will vary

Graphic Templates
10 x 10 Templates
13 x 13 Templates
16 x 16 Templates
15 x 10 Templates


Full Wall

Rail Skirt


Full Wall

Rail Skirt


Full Wall

10' Side Canopy

10' Full Wall

10' Rail Skirt

15' Side Canopy

15' Full Wall

15' Rail Skirt


Image Product Description
walls Walls Full Walls, Rail Skirts, and Canopies
30kg Weight Thanks to the extra weights, you can secure your tent to the ground and can guarantee that your tent stays in place even in high winds.
Windset Ballast Bag + Easy Ratchets The ideal solution not to transport tons of weights, windset is not bulky at all. Once full of water or sand, your tent will be perfectly maintain on the ground. Weight : 33 Lbs
Anchoring Floor System This is the top of the range security system which will maintain your tent to the ground thanks to an anchoring floor system. This solution is very practical and aesthetic.
Windset Steel Stakes + Easy Ratchets A set of steel stakes allows you to secure your tent everywhere. The easy ratchet system are extraordinarily resistant and effortless to install.It has never been as simple to install your tent.
Velcro hoop © This connecting velcro hoop© allows you to maintain easily two vitabri tents together.
Strengthening bar The strengthening bar reinforces the Vitabri frame and can be use as a support for the half-side wall.
Junction fastening buckle kit For an optimal presentation of your canopies when they are put together, Vitabri suggest our Junction fastening buckle kit. This set contains: 1 aluminum bar, 2 collars and 2 pins.
Junction collar Thanks to this junction collar, you will be able to lock all what you want to the frame of the Vitabri tents (accessories, light, heater...). Its tightening system is unique and very easy to use.
Canopy roof features

In line with our reputation of upscale products manufacturer, our V2 team has designed attractive, functional and robust canopy covers. Benefiting from optimal technical features, all our roofs resist the most extreme weather conditions.

 Reinforced roof and self-locking strap
Each roof surfaces in contact with the frame is reinforced with an extra Vinyl strip. It generates a lifespan that will meet your expectations. The self-locking strap holding the roof to the frame guarantees optimal stretching of the fabric.

 High frequency welding
In order to ensure a completely waterproof product, some seams are welded together using high frequency technology.

To facilitate the setup of the walls and the canopy, all our roofs are equipped with 2 inches Velcro.