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Directors Chairs

Gold Medal COMMERCIAL Director Chairs
Gold Medal CONTEMPORARY Director Chairs
Gold Medal CLASSIC Director Chairs
STAR Director Chairs
ELITE Director Chairs
EZ Director Chairs
Over 40,000 director chairs sold since 1999

Directors Chairs: Custom printed or blank

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Factory Priced Directors Chairs by Camelback Displays. Add your logo, graphics, message or artwork to your directors chair back. Fast, friendly, reliable service. Directors chairs are made of hardwood or metal and built to last. We offer the largest selection of folding directors chairs that can be personalized or branded with our various printing and embroidering techniques!


We are proud to offer Gold Medal Director Chairs
  The Original Director's Chair - Since 1894
  Be aware of imitators!

  Hardwood Directors Chairs Built to last!

Gold Metal Contemporary Director Chairs

Gold Medal CONTEMPORARY Director Chairs

The Contemporary is our best selling director's chair!
Great for trade shows and special events, the design encompasses straight legs and paddle shaped arms, offering a uniquely modern style at a great value. Choose from four frame finishes and a variety of canvas colors.
Available Heights:
18", 24" & 30"
Seats & Backs:
Available in Canvas or Leather (upgrade)

Warranty: (Gold Medal Contemporary Chairs: 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects - Canvas: 30 day warranty)
Weight limit (Gold Medal Chairs with our canvas set): 600 lbs. 

Gold Metal Contemporary Director Chairs

Gold Medal COMMERCIAL Director Chairs

The Commercial Series is our strongest wood director’s chair line.
Great for daily commercial use, comfort-shaped arms, steel reinforced legs, elegant, modern look, superior quality, protective floor glides, three seating heights available with four finishes and a variety of canvas colors. Available Heights: 18", 24" and 30"
Seats & Backs: Available in Canvas or Leather (upgrade)
Warranty: (Gold Medal Commercial Chairs: 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects - Canvas: 30 day warranty)
Weight limit (Gold Medal Chairs with our canvas set): 600 lbs. 

Gold Metal Contemporary Director Chairs

Gold Medal CLASSIC Director Chairs

The Classic stands out as The Gold Medal series most famous designs.
This is the canvas director chair that most people recognize from Screen & TV. First presented at the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair, the styling utilizes sculpted legs and arms designed for comfort and durability. Choose from four frame finishes and a variety of canvas colors.
Available Heights:
18" and 30"
Seats & Backs:
Available in Canvas or Leather (upgrade)

Warranty: (Gold Medal Classic Chairs: 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects - Canvas: 30 day warranty)
Weight limit (Gold Medal Chairs with our canvas set): 600 lbs.

Gold Metal Contemporary Director Chairs

STAR Director Chairs

Quality Director Chairs for a Tight Budget!
Although this product is an entry level rated product and will not last as long or hold as much weight as our other brands of Director Chairs, Star Director Chairs are engineered similarly to our more expensive chairs for a sturdy design. Available Heights: 18", 24" and 30"
Warranty: (Star Director Chairs: 6 months limited warranty on manufacturing defects) Weight limit: 250 lbs. 

Elite Director Chairs

ELITE Director Chairs

(Made of Bamboo or Elm Hardwood)
The Professional Choice!
Elite is a high quality director chair made of Bamboo or Hard Wood.

The Elm Hard Wood Chairs are made of solid elm wood. Available Heights: 27" and 32" Max Weight limit: 350 lbs. 

The Bamboo Chairs utilize 100% acrylic marine fade resistant material for the seats & backs. Available Height: 18", 28" and 32" Weight limit: 350 lbs. 

Gold Metal Contemporary Director Chairs

EZ Director Chairs

(Lightweight aluminum frame construction - 6 different colors)
EZ Director Chairs are available in two different sizes: standard and tall.
Standard EZ Director Chairs are 35" height.
Tall EZ Director Chairs are 48" height.
Both sizes come with a protective carry bag.
Printing options (Single or Double Sided): Imprint and embroidery.
Warranty: (EZ Director Chairs: 1 year limited warranty on manufacturing defects) Weight limit: 225 lbs. 

Monterey Director Chairs

MONTEREY Director Chairs

(Aircraft Strength Aluminum Frame)
Hand Welded - Powder coated aluminum for strength and longevity
Seat and backs are made of Sunbrella brand marine-grade fabrics (resists fading and repels water)
Innovative Hinge design to prevent seat fabric from creeping
Their strength makes them perfect for heaver customers
Warranty: (Monterey Director Chairs: 15 years limited warranty on manufacturing defects - home or institutional use only)
Weight limit: over 700 lbs. 

Child Director Chairs

Gold Medal CHILD Director Chairs

(11" Seat Height Director Chair | 2-5 years old)
Frame is available in walnut and white; canvas are available in pink, khaki, red and royal blue.
Strong long lasting director chairs ideal for children of ages 2-5.
All corners are rounded for the child's safety. Removable canvas are washable. Made in the USA
Warranty: (Gold Medal Child Chairs: 3 year warranty on manufacturing defects - Canvas: 30 day warranty)
Weight Limit: (Gold Medal Child Chairs w/ our canvas set): 50 lbs.

Child Director Chairs

Matching Display Bar

(Gold Medal Matching Display Bar)
Looking for a counter that matches with your director chairs?
Gold Medal Matching Display Bar is made with the same strong wood and high quality canvas as the Gold Medal Director Chairs.
With a 39" top, this counter gives you enough spacious work area for your next Tradeshow. With a too-less set up, this counter set ups in a snap.
Front and side fabric areas are available for printing your logo and your prefer marketing message to attract, inform and market your brand.

Child Director Chairs

Pack Stuff Furniture

(Collapsible Trade Show Furniture)
With Pack Stuff Furniture we offer Bar Height Table, Standard Table, Curved Back Chairs, Sling Back Chair, Curved Back Stool, Sling Back Stool, Conference Tables, coffee tables and benches.
Constructed of durable tubular steel & upholstered with fabric (faux leather) that will stand up to the challenges of repeated use at trade shows.
Stylish, Collapsible, fits in shipping cases, many choices of colors in the construction materials, custom sizes available.

Child Director Chairs

Director Chairs Cases

(Two type of cases available)
Both style cases are designed to ship with boxed chairs for added protection.
Telescoping cases
are made of durable plastic with nylon straps. Wheels are optional.
Soft cases are made of tough, pierce resistant nylon with a chloroplast internal lining.
• Case for 2-18" Chairs | 4-18" Chairs
• Case for 2-30" Chairs | 4 - 30" Chairs

Why Buy The Contemporary & Classic Directors Chairs?

A Note On Quality Manufacturing
It has been our experience that with director chairs, the lower the price, the lower the quality. We are constantly hearing from our customers on how they bought from other companies who import their chairs into the US from the far east or offered them dirt cheap prices.

The price was right for them at the time, but when they actually used the chairs, they didn't hold up at all and had to be sent back. After sending back the chairs, they bought from us! Our director chairs are built to last. They are American made and are constructed of the best materials in the industry. This is why we offer a 3 year limited warranty for manufacturing defects when you buy an Contemporary or Classic Director Chair!

Proof That Our Directors Chairs are STRONG!
The Contemporary & Classic Chair designs are tested using a 600 Pound Weight! This 600 pound weight is actually placed right on the canvas seat. This way, the canvas & frame design are both tested together. Our factory has actually tested other manufacturers & imported chairs and many of them just fall apart!

Trust Our Experience!

We have literally helped thousands of companies & individuals across the country such as Allstate, Disney, TV Guide, MTV, Boeing, Playboy, Movie Stars, Film Directors, Clinique, Estee Lauder, J. Crew, Sports Franchises, Various Universities, Various Government & Military Organizations, E!, Restaurants, Merrill Lynch, Elvis Presley Enterprises, RE/MAX, Renaissance Pictures, Tanger Outlets, Taylor Made, Home Depot, Acme Brick, Exxon / Mobile, Radio & TV Stations and many more...

Wood Frames: Hand selected white or warm, clear hardwoods such as Beech, Maple, Ash, Etc. Using hardwoods means that joints are less likely to loosen over time. Other manufacturers or importers supply chairs made of softer woods. After a few sittings, movement causes the wood to loosen around the Medal components. This causes the chair to become unstable.

Wood Joints: Hand fitted with steel underpinning. This adds to flexibility and durability. 14 Ounce Cotton Canvas Sets: Load tested to 800 lbs and they are colorfast washable. The seats are self contouring and the sets are removable from the chair.

Customer Service: We offer in-house Woodworking, Sewing, Silk Screening & Embroidery to maintain on time delivery and maximum quality control. We work very hard to make sure your order is right and we have safe-guards in place to make sure your order is finished correctly...the first time!

Use Directors Chairs to update your trade show display

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Adirondack Chairs \ Adirondack Furniture \ Recycled Adirondack Chairs: Our sister company, TerraBound Solutions offers all kinds of Adirondack chairs.

What Our Directors Chairs Customers Are Saying

  "Thanks so much for the fast service on chairs that are perfect for our needs. They came in on time, and within our budget, thanks to your help on a small order."

  "I will highly recommend you to anyone I can, thanks again for taking that extra step for us!"

  "You have been so helpful that I'm going to order more stuff through you in the future, people like you is what makes people like us really happy when we shop online and enjoy it."

  "It's nice to actually talk to somebody on the phone, I spent a week trying to get a hold of the other company"

  "Thanks so much for your help. The logo looks very nice in white."

   "Everyone felt that your company did a wonderful job! Please let your art department know how much I appreciate the effort that went into making our logo. It matched great and looks very professional against the black chair."

Director's Chair Buyer's Guide

Looking for advice or information on our entire line of Director's Chairs? Our buyer's guide contains information for all of our models, options, and general trade show advertising tips.