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Today’s Trade Show Tip: Go Vertical!

Running out of trade show booth space on the ground?  Go up!  There are height restrictions on certain exhibit booths such as 10×10 aisles, but if you are able to go up you should definitely do it.  Booths with verticality win for a few reasons.

  •  Simply put, they just wow.  10×10 booth areas typically have an 8 to 10 foot max height allowance.  Because of this, most exhibitors play it safe and stick with something they can use for shows with this height restriction.  The most memorable exhibits are typically taller.  They either have a display system that reaches 2-3 levels up or a hanging display with some dimensionality suspended above their booth.  This display power looks impressive to viewers and will distinguish you from the others.
  •  If you have a multilevel booth or hanging displays, trade show traffic will be able to spot your booth from far away.  Because your booth will stick out in the crowd, as people navigate throughout the show they will always see it and therefore remember it.  Your booth will also serve as a visual marker for people as they move about the show. Imagine this scenario:  Two people at a trade show trying to meet up.  Person A is texting Person B, “Hey, where are you?  I can’t find you!”  Person B texts back, “See that large triangular hanging sign from the ceiling that says ‘We Are the Most Awesome Company in the Universe’?  I’m near that.”
  • They will notice and remember you, and if they don’t the photo will remind them.  Have you ever seen those pre and post expo press photos of the trade show or exhibit floor?  Guess who shines like a beacon?  The heights friendly display systems, and hanging displays.

A Few Ideas on How to Go Vertical:

  • Let’s say for example, that you do mostly 10’ booths with that pesky height restriction but will occasionally show where you have more wiggle room or you already have your booth and don’t want to spend a lot more.  An inexpensive, popular, and aesthetically pleasing solution is a 3-D hanging banner display These display signs are easy to use and come in a range of sizes from small to massive and simple to complex shapes.  You can print full color photographic quality imagery or keep it simple with a six foot logo that is impossible to miss!  These three dimensional hanging signs are typically dye sub printed on a stretchy fabric that is stretched over a lightweight frame.  You can even add a motor!  Typically shows will have a hanging crew that will install it prior to booth set-up.  Always check your exhibitors handbook for hanging display protocol as each show is different. The hanging display sign is something that you can pull out and use when needed, and stow away when you are restricted by height.

  •  If you are in the display design process and are wanting something completely new consider modular truss for your next exhibit.  The benefit of modular truss vs. traditional truss is you are not committed to any one design.  The truss pieces can be moved around horizontally OR vertically to create different designs, enabling different widths and heights for different shows.  As your business grows and your booth grows, you can also add onto your booth.  many of our customers have done this for years.  Truss not only looks impressive with its architectural aesthetic and heavy duty look, but it is versatile and easily reformatted for different needs.
  •  As an extension of truss, consider adding media!  Suspend a truss ring with flashy lighting (if allowed) and monitors with flashy adverts and info about your company.

  •  Have some fun with inflatables Advertise at a higher level and have some FUN with it.  Kids OR the inner kid will recognize and remember something epic and quirky.



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