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Camelback Displays Introduces Two New Programs

As of August 1st, 2014 Camelback Displays will be rolling out two new programs that spotlight displays in different ways.  We hope both programs will intrigue and excite our clients as well as guide them to the most informed buying decision for their next event.

Our first program called Wow! Factor showcases truly dynamic exhibits that really break the mold.  While there are definitely “classics” of the display industry that prove time and time again to be effective, every so often an exhibit design comes along and knocks the rest out of the park.  Our Wow! Factor program explores the latest and greatest visually and informatively in a curatorial style fashion.

The first up for Wow! Factor is The Power of Light Exhibit:  The Panoramic LIGHTBOOTH.

Our second program is a collaborative effort between our expert sales staff and marketing team to bring our clients the Display of the Month.  Each month one of our experts will select and present a display that they feel is dynamic, innovative, cost effective, and well.. awesome!  Our clients will have the opportunity to read useful information and see real installs as well as conceptual renderings to help them make an informed decision.  Contact our Display of the Month sales expert to ask questions, get ideas, or place an order!  Our motivation is to not only bring to light some of our best displays but also showcase our exceptional customer service and expertise.

Learn more about Display of the Month by clicking here.

The Display of the Month: The Hillcrest

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