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Banner Stands
by Camelback Displays

Retractable Banner Stands
Classic Banner Stands
Regular Non Retractable Banner Stands
Cable Style Banners **NEW**
Telescoping Banner Stands
Outdoor Banner Stands
Sail Banners

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Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable Banner Stands

A very popular and useful stand when set up time needs to be minimal.  Retractables can be set up in less than a minute and usually come packed in a soft padded carrying bag.  The banner is rolled up inside the base (retracted) and is simply pulled up and attached to a pole.
Some poles are adjustable (telescopic) or are divided into 2-3 pieces attached together with a flexible cord.

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Non Retractable Banner Stands

Regular Non Retractable Banner Stands

This category encompasses a range of designs.  Some use a carbon fiber rod along with a metal foot to add tension to a banner.  Others, like the X Banner Stands apply tension to all four corners of a banner to stretch it tight corner to corner. This section also has classic banner stands that have been around for decades.  This area has a lot to offer, so please take a look.

X Style Banner Stands

X-Style Banner Stands

X-Style Banner Stands are a fantastic and cost-effective option for a display. Available in a wide arrange of sizes and styles, these X-Style kits offer everything you need for a quick and simple branding solution. Each of our X-Banners comes with everything you need including: printed graphics, all assembly hardware, as well as a soft carrying case to transport the banner in.

Classic Banner Stands

Classic Banner Stands

Made of Steel, Aluminum or Bamboo
This category puts together a big variety of Classic Banner Stands. Easy to use free standing banner displays in a range of styles and sizes.

Outdoor Banner Stands


Outdoor Banner Stands

In this section you can find all types of outdoor banners.  From flying outdoor banners that you see along the roadway to sign boards you might see in front of a restaurant.  We also offer several outdoor retractable banner stands and standard stands with weighted down bases.

Telescoping Banner Stands

Telescoping Banner Stands

These types of stands offer flexibility.  If you need a different sized banner on different occasions, this might be the route to go.  Some telescopics offer pocket support bars for hanging banners with pole pockets and others are simply standard banner stands with telescopic support rods.

Sail Banners

Sail Banners

We offer factory prices for all types of flying flag banners such as teardrop banners, feather banners, kite banners, sail banners, wing banners and mini-flying flag banners.  Also known as flag banners, banner flags & advertising flags

Cable Style Banner Stands

Cable Style Banner Stands

UltraLight weight carbon fiber frames
Easy to change graphic panels
Compact packing
Quick set up
No tools required

Classic Connect | Cable | Space
Cable Banner with Shelves | Space Banner with Shelves
Standard Brochure Racks | Space Brochure Rack

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Full Color Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Our fabric tension banner stands are printed using high quality full color dye sublimation printing. 

Green Banner Stands

Green Banner Stands

Camelback supports the green revolution in materials used in the display industry.  We already use recyclable materials in most of our banner stands naturally, such as aluminum.  We also have specific banner stands designed to be completely green.  



EuroStand s the ideal point-of-purchase display. This sleek European design is a double-sided unit, featuring easy-change graphics, and a brandable base plate.

EuroStand ships flat for convenient storage and transport. The unit can be accessorized with a brochure holder, demo rack, display case, etc.

Linkwall Flexible Modular System


Flexible Modular System
A flexible modular graphic system that can be set up in a different positions. Easy to carry, no tools needed, portable, and affordable.

Digital Banner Stands

Digital Banner Stands

With a 32" LCD Hi Definition Display, your images will be displayed with crystal clarity!  The added benefit of an Aluminum & Fiber Glass Frame adds durability and makes your presentation sturdy!

Mini Table Top Banner Stands

Mini Table Top Banner Stands

Now you can take your message wherever you go. These handy little banners are compact, colorful and just the right price for your table top display area. It doesn't get more portable than this!

Custom Banners

Custom Banners

Choose from a multitude of different fabric, sizing and finishing options to create a banner that's perfectly tailored for your specific needs. We offer banners that work great for both indoor and outdoor applications making no solution out of reach.

Fence Wraps

Fence Wraps

Simple Changes and Natural Placement!
With our Fence Wraps, valuable advertising space won’t go to waste!
This Fence Wraps are large custom prints that are flexible and sure to be noticed.

Fabric Pop Up Displays

Fabric Pop Up that works like a banner stand

The Hopup has a light weight, heavy duty frame that can suspend a fabric graphic mural.
It sets up in seconds and can be packed away just as quickly!
The HopUp puts the pop up in banners!

Hanging Signs

Hanging Frame & Banner Systems

Sign Holders

Sign Holders, Frames and Stands

Camelback offers high quality, lightweight, portable, affordable and easy-to-setup products. A variety of Holders, frames and stands are shown, click here. These free standing units are great for an array of banner sizes and materials.

Telescope Sign Stands

Telescope Sign Stand
The Telescope is a tripod banner stand that can support single or double-sided rigid graphics up to 72" tall, and is an ideal solution for busy retail spaces, trade show floors or office spaces.

Rigid Graphic Displays

Rigid Graphic Displays

Hold rigid substrates economically and elegantly. Our Rigid Graphic Displays feature clean design and innovative functionality, all at value driven price points.


Booth Buddy

Booth Buddy™

Booth Buddy takes tradeshow backdrops to a whole new level of
convenience and efficiency. No more shipping hardware in large, bulky cases.



The Pak-N-Go display is the perfect combination of ease, durability, and aesthetics. Its ultra-compact size allows it to be easily transported from show to show without hassle.



Camelback offers a variety of tower solutions.  Choose from merchandising towers, pop up towers and UltraForm towers to
custom truss towers and more.

Pop Out Banners

Pop Out Banners

• Indoor and outdoor use
• Image on both sides for better exposure
• Folded size is easy to transport and store
• Sets up and folds down in seconds
• No tools necessary

Hanging Banner Displays

Hanging Banner Displays and Shapes

Camelback's got your back
with affordable hanging banner displays and a large variety of hanging display shapes!


Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas

The Promotional Umbrella is ideal for outdoor fairs, sporting events, restaurants, bars, concerts, festivals and more. Can be used for commercial or residential use.

Advertising Umbrellas

Advertising Flags | Flag Poles
Street Banners | Car Flags

Street Banners

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Trade Show Displays | Trade Show Exhibits | Trade Show Booths

Pipe and drape can be used as a banner stand.  We offer fully printed pipe and drape exhibits to use as sign holders or walls.

Pop Up Displays are a great alternative because of the ability to displays large mural graphics. A trade show pop up can be used as a table top display or as a full size exhibit.