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Table Top Displays

Camelback Displays has a huge variety of table top displays & exhibits for trade shows. Choose from our full selection of table top trade show displays including pop ups, panel systems, hybrids, briefcase style, table top exhibits and more! Follow the links below for more information.

Pop Up Table Top Displays

Budget Pop Up Table Tops

Table top versions of our popular pop up displays.

$399.00 / kit starting price
Fabric and graphic versions available.

EZ Tube Table Top Displays

Table top versions of our most popular tension fabric pop up.

$480.00 / kit starting price
6ft. and 8ft. versions available

Hybrid Table Top Displays

Topper Table Top Displays

The Little Table Top with a BIG IMPACT!

$1325.00 / kit starting price
A Designer Graphic Display System

Table Top Vector Frame Displays

Dye Sub Fabric-Graphic Clean, simple sophisticated look | Extrusion base

$595.00 / kit starting price
Customized units also available.

Linear Table Top Kits

Provide modern and dynamic flare to your marketing message.

$595.00 / kit starting price
Customized units also available.

Formulate Master Table Top Kits

Seamless Fabric Graphic Backwall Display!

$767.00 / kit starting price
High Impact Graphics In Seconds! - Available in Variety of sizes and shapes

Timberline Table Top Display

Timberline table top display is easy to transport, fitting into a 66 inch case.

$1,795.00 / kit starting price

Trade Show Travel Kits

Our kit contains everything you need, it is portable and lightweight.

$660.00 / kit starting price
Transport your display with ease with our Travel Kits!

Panel Table Top Displays

Fast Trak

Velcro receptive fabric offers outstanding flexibility.

$230.00 / kit starting price
Super Budget Table Top Display.

Dynamo Trifecta Display

Most lightweight and affordable table top display.

$200.00 / kit starting price
Easy to set up.


Lower budget table top & floor models available.

$245.00 / kit starting price
Great cost-effective display solution.

Table Top Privacy Stands


$87.00 / hardware starting price

8' Super Budget Display

Same day ship with no graphics.
Two day lead time with graphics.

$315.00 / kit starting price
8ft, 4 panel version.

Horizon 3

This Horizon Panel system features 3 panels and 1 header.

$310.00 / kit starting price
View the Horizon section here.

Horizon 5

This Horizon Panel system features 5 panels and 1 header.

$393.00 / kit starting price
View the Horizon section here.

Horizon Display Systems

We also offer larger, pop up versions of the Horizon system.

$310.00 / kit starting price
View the Horizon section here.

All Panel Display Systems

We offer a large selection of small and large panel systems.

$220.00 / table top starting price
View the panel display section here.

Briefcase Displays

Briefcase Display Systems

View all of our available briefcase display systems.

$275.00 / kit starting price
Maximizes your marketing efforts.

Ultralight X

Each UltraLight X series display weighs between 5 and 10 pounds.

$499.00 / kit starting price
High-quality, high resolution graphics


Compact sized briefcase fits in aircraft overhead compartment!

$275.00 / starting price

Showstyle Stage II

Now with 50W Halogen Lights & Protective Carry Bag!

$459.00 / kit starting price
Self-Packing briefcase display.

ShowStyle Pro 32

75% larger than the original ShowStyle briefcase display.

$492.00 / kit starting price
Sets up in seconds.


ShowMax has everything you need all in one package!

$909.00 / kit starting price
Halogen lights & header included.


A great choice for promotions that are on the go.

$597.00 / kit starting price
Maximizes your marketing efforts.

Table Top Banner System

Table Top Banner System - 2014 MODEL

Our Largest Most Stylish Table Top Display!

$315.00 / kit starting price
Expands from 6'-8'w & from 6'-8''h
• Updated with lightweight and durable carbon composite poles with aluminum corners
• Improved table clamp system easily attaches to table top without the use of tools
• Free standing floor model now available

Mini Table Top Displays

Economy Table Top Retractor

3-piece shock-cord pole for easy assembly.

$125.00 / kit starting price
One of our lightest weight retractors

All Mini Displays

View all of our Mini Table Top Displays that we offer.

$32.00 / kit starting price
Banners, flags and more!

Mini Mightee


$16.75 / hardware price

Phoenix Mini Table Top

Adjustable from 38" h to 63" h

$44.00 / Kit starting price

Mini Double LL Mounts


$19.50 / kit starting price

Desk Frames

high quality powder-coated black anodized silver extruded aluminum body.

Suspended Signs

$20.79 / Hardware starting price

Desk Snap Frames

these front-loading desk frames snap open for quick and easy graphic changes

Suspended Signs

$27.97 / Hardware starting price

Visual Merchandising Clamps


$10.00 / clamp starting price

About Table Top Displays

Table top displays are mini versions of full sized trade show exhibits. Just like their larger counterparts, there are pop up display, hybrid displays, panel systems and more. Table top exhibits offer many benefits such as portability, ease of use and faster set up times. They are also perfect for smaller shows where a smaller exhibit footprint is required

Pop up table top displays
These exhibits utilize an expanding frame that opens up, locks and allows you to hang fabric or graphic panels onto the face as a “skin.” The fabric panels are Velcro receptive to allow detachable graphics to be attached. The graphic version uses mural panels that are printed and ready to hang like the fabric versions. Table top pop ups will sit comfortably on a standard table and you can add lights, shelving and graphic headers. A benefit of this type of display is that it offers a more voluminous look than other table tops along with easy transport. The case can easily fit in a car and is usually lightweight.

Hybrid table top exhibits use metal extrusions, graphic panels and accessories for a modern table top look. They are a little more difficult to set up than a pop up, but not by much. Everything packs down into a shipping case and transport is easy.

Panel Systems
Exhibit panels open like a book and stack to make floor models. Table top kits are usually single panel rows. With panels, there are no frames or panels to hang. Simply open up your display, velcro on some graphics and you are ready to go.

Briefcase Displays
Briefcase table top exhibits are for people on the go that don’t have any time to set something up. Just open the case, sit the display on a table and you are exhibiting! Even the case is convenient because it is part of the display.

Depending on the display, there are many accessories that can be used. Choose from backlit headers, shelving, graphics, etc.

Tables are not included and should be covered with a coordinating table cover either blank or printed. Spandex table covers are also available and offer a cooler, contemporary twist on the traditional table throw with a stretchy contour silhouette!

Need a New Table?

Click here for table skirts & table covers

Click here for our complete offering of Trade Show Exhibits &amp Displays

Camelback offers a line of table top banner stands as an alternative to table top displays. We also carry retractable banner stands and a new line of green banner stands to meet all of your visual marketing needs! Explore our catalog of styles for the perfect graphic display solution.

Pipe and Drape: Camelback offers a full line of pipe and drape products to fit any exhibiting or room divider needs.

We offer a full line of pop up trade show displays, including the table top versions shown on this page. Pop up displays are extremely versatile. Order pop up booths with fabric (graphic ready) or fully printed with graphic panels. Mural pop up displays are very popular and prices have dropped over the years